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Information about Gardening Tools and Equipment.

The best kinds of tools vary depending on a number of factors, ranging from your physical ability, size of your garden, type of soil and even your gardening style.
For example, a suburban dweller with a balcony full of containers requires very different tools than a homeowner with a huge vegetable garden or an orchard.
Start with a few essential tools that will serve you well for nearly any type of gardening.
As your garden grows,you can always expand your tool collection with more specialized tools.
This is true for those seeking lawn equipment as well.

Speciality tools and more!

Lawnmower care and tips.

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While there are essentially all kinds of tools to choose from, here are suggestions for a few basic tools for garden and lawn that are definite must-haves for gardening.

Gardening gloves – Before you start gardening, a pair of good sturdy gloves are a must,mainly to protect your fingers from thorns,burrs, and slivers.

Trowel – You’ll definitely need a hand trowel for digging small holes for planting perennials, annuals or bulbs.Comes in handy for scooping and moving soil when potting/repotting plants.

Garden scissors – These you depend on for trimming small branches, harvesting herbs, deadheading plants or cutting flowers for floral arrangements.Very useful!

Shovel – Shovels are often used for digging, and are best for moving and lifting materials such as mulch, compost, soil or gravel from one area to another.

Spade – A spade is even more important than a shovel. A good spade is useful for digging heavy soil, breaking up dirt, removing sod, breaking up roots or edging a flower bed.

Hoe – Hoes are used mostly for weeding and cultivating.A good Hoe to have would be triangle hoes that are especially good for working in tight spots and scuffle hoes that slice weeds from the surface of the soil.

Garden fork – Also known as a digging fork.A good garden fork will serve you well if you need to loosen up firmly packed or rocky soil, remove clumps of plants without losing too much soil, or if you need to mix in compost or other soil amendments.

Rake – A leaf rake is a must if you have trees on your property. A steel rake is required if you need to smooth out the soil surface or work in compost or fertilizer.

Kinds of Tools for the Lawn

Even if your lawn is somewhat small, certain types of equipment are a must for providing adequate lawn care and maintenance. The two most common being the lawn mower and weed eater.

Mower– Among the most essential of all tools for the homeowner is a good quality lawn mower. Whether a traditional push mower, a self-propelled walk behind mower or a riding mower is up to you, and in many cases the size of the mower will be determined by the size of your lawn area. There are many options to choose from, so it pays to shop around before making a decision.Options include mulchers and baggers.

Weed eater – A weed eater,also known as a whipper snipper or line trimmer, is another must have tool
. These handy little machines can cut your workload a great deal, and if you don’t already have one, a good idea is to purchase one.
Weed eaters are the perfect choice for those hard to reach places. When shopping for a weed eater, it’s a good idea to consider its weight, power and cost.


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The list of gardening hand tools is long but the most commonly used are:
•Garden spade;
•Garden trowel;
•Forked trowel;
•Garden fork;
•Gardening knife;
•Pruning scissors;
•Plastic/soft rake;
•Metal rake;

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