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A well maintained lawn provides so many benefits such as heat reduction in homes, play and relaxation areas for families, and adding beauty to our homes and cities.
Lawns are vitally important to all of us, however, as Australian lawn owners continue to face new challenges with water, drought and pollution,
we are all being forced to improve our lawn care practices and move to environmentally friendly methods of maintaining the grass on our properties to a higher standard, while continuing to face the challenge of keeping our lawn green under often trying circumstances.

The Easiest Way To Have A Great Lawn In 10 Minutes

10 Minute Lawn Care is a principle which allows you to maintain your lawn with ease, water your lawn correctly for maximum health, and to recognise and treat any problems early.
It really is the very best way possible to keep your lawn in the best health possible with the least amount of effort.
10 Minute Lawn Care simply involves taking a little time out and going outside into your yard and gardens, taking a walk around and simply checking on things while you enjoy all the beauty and satisfaction that your lawn and gardens provide.
It takes 10 minutes out of your hectic lives to take a walk over your lawn to check the general condition of the turf once a week, and in doing so you can quickly and easily maintain your lawn with the tiniest effort, while having a break at the same time and getting back to the real world and enjoyment that our homes and gardens provide to us.

Take 10 minutes out to get out into the yard, take a walk over the lawn and look for these things:
See a weed or 3, pull them out now.Stops weeds from ever overtaking your lawn, while almost eliminating any need for most weed sprays.Saving the cost and environmental concerns which may arise from their overuse.
Check the leaf of the lawn, if it's wilting then the lawn is telling you it needs another drink of water.This is the only method you should ever use to determine when your lawn needs watering.
Garden Beds
While enjoying your roses, take a look into the garden bed, if lawn runners are beginning to emerge into the garden bed, Remove them while they are still young and easily removed by hand. . Do it now, and avoid a big garden cleanup in a few months time.
If you have a reticulation system, then it's very important to ensure the pop-up sprinklers are free and clear of surrounding soil and overgrowing grass. Otherwise they run the risk of becoming filled with soil and stopping from working, or the overgrown grass restricts the sprinkler from popping up altogether. Either way - it means the lawn gets far less water. If done regularly with 10 Minute Lawn Care, removing a bit of soil or grass from around the sprinkler only takes a few seconds to easily achieve.

After a hard day in the garden,relax with these.

Lawn Pests
By taking an easy stroll across the lawn, it also allows you to easily see any lawn pest problems in the earliest stages possible. Armyworm, Webworm and Ants are all easily defeated with the least effort and expense, and with the greatest success when they are caught and treated early.
If you see any of these early stages of lawn pest damage, put it on the list for the weekend, take another few minutes out to apply the pest control and you're all done.
Strolling over the lawn is also the easiest way to determine if your lawn has excessive thatch build up, and best of all, it takes no extra time to determine this because you can feel it under foot as you walk across the lawn.
If you've got the early stages of thatch build up, this is most easily and cheaply controlled right now by mowing a little lower at your next lawn mowing. It also avoids the expense and far greater effort required from letting the problem get to the stage that it needs Vertimowing.
General Lawn Health
If you're someone who likes to only fertilise when necessary and only a few times per year, then this too fits in perfectly. When we take a few minutes out with our lawns, we can easily see if the lawn is deteriorating in health and may need a little boost with an extra lawn feed. If the lawn has lost it's colour and there is no environmental reason for it happening such as Winter or drought, then the lawn definitely needs some fertiliser. Leave it for the weekend when you can take a few extra minutes to spend enjoying your lawn and garden.

Mowing Lawn Tips
•Before mowing,wait until the grass shows signs of wilt in late spring or early summer. Mowing too early creates shallow, weak roots that can’t withstand summer heat. This is often the reason grass turns brown in summer.
•Sharpen your blades at least twice every year. Lawns cut with dull blades don’t look as neat and the tips of the grass may turn brown. Ragged edges require more water and increase risk of disease.
•Set your mower slightly higher under trees where the grass competes with tree roots for available nutrients and moisture.
•Grass goes dormant and grows very little during hot, dry weather. You lawn will be healthier if you don’t mow it frequently during periods of drought.

Lawns which grow throughout the warm weather need monthly applications of fertiliser.Feed with complete lawn food or straight sulphate of ammonia, then water in well before and after to avoid fertiliser burn. Winter lawns - bent,kentucky bluegrass,rye and fescue -are fairly dormant during the summer months and do not need feeding.

Enhance your garden witha beautiful green lawn!



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Do not leave clippings on the lawn when:

•the grass being mowed is too long,
•when the lawn grows rapidly, and will leave too many clips on the lawn,
•weeds are present, and especially when seed heads are already formed, this simply propagates the weeds for their next generation,
•any weed spraying has recently been completed, these clippings MUST be placed in the bin.