Caring for your garden in Autumn

Cool days bring change -- in both the garden and gardener.
After the lazy heat of Summer, it is time to get busy again!

It is during this season that you should start planting Winter and Spring flowering bulbs, annuals and vegetables. Winter rain areas, autumn is the time to make plantings of shrubs and trees.
Don't forget the natives. In warm to hot climates it is still too early to plant - the humidity takes a severe toll of seedlings.

Planting annuals and bulbs.

Spring flowering annuals and bulbs are one of the delights of any garden. Easy to grow, needing only sunshine and ordinary garden care to thrive.
They don't take up too much space and are attractive in containers. Can be used as borders, climp or rockery plantings.

In temperate climate areas, plant early. Some ideas,
  • Iceland Poppies - 'Artists Glory' 'Springsong' 'Sunglow'
  • Stocks - 'Austral' Giant Column' 'Primavera'
  • Pansies - 'Roggli Giant' 'Jumbo Giants' 'Giant Butterfly'
  • Primulas - 'Gilhams White' Cool areas 'Pacific Giants'
  • Violas - The smaller flowered variety, such as the "Space Crystal" hybrid are available in colours of "Azure Blue" and "Yellow".
    These are excellent for low edgings in sunny gardens.

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    Autumn is the time to plant ixia, a spring - flowering bulb which loves a sunny spot.
    In a partially shaded corner, use cinerarias for a vivid splash. ideal for subjects for containers, and come in a wide range of glorious colours!

    Poppies make excellent cut flowers and should be cut in the morning in bud. dip stems in boiling water for 30seconds before arranging. This prevents flowers from wilting.
    Remove weeds by hand. Digging around them damages the plants.

    Stocks make good cut flowers.You will need good drainage and should not be overwatered.When thinning out, the taller,thinner -leaved plants are usually the singles, and these can be removed to make room for the doubles.

    Primulas give a rewarding display of flowers and are not bothered by pests or diseases.Ideal for for slightly shaded areas, but they can be planted in sunnier spots.

    Wallflowers are fragrant , old world flowers which will provide winter blooms if planted early in the season.Removing the spent flower heads enables them to bloom for many months.

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    Vegetable growing

    Vegetables are well worth growing during the cooler months as well as the warmer months. Gardens need less watering in winter, without the hot sun drying out the soil.
    The basic essentials for successful vegetable growing are plenty of sun and well - drained soil.Make sure your vegies will be able to grow well by putting vegetable beds in the sunniest part of the garden.

    Crops for your areas.

    Temperate zone crops....
  • Artichoke,Broad Beans,beetroot.
  • Broccoli,Brussel sprouts,Cabbage
  • Carrot, Cauliflower,Chinese cabbage
  • Cress, Herbs,Kohl Rabi,Leeks,
  • Lettuce,Mustard,Onions,parsnip
  • Peas,radish,Silver Beet,Spinach.
    In tropical /sub-tropical areas,the above,plus Potatoes, Tomatoes.
    In cold districts, take care not to plant peas if they will be flowering at a time when frosts re expected.

    Trees and Shrubs.

    Except in very cold distrit, autumn is an excellent time for planting out deciduos trees, shrubs and climbers. Container - grown citrus,conifers, fruit and nut trees as well as most native plants can be put in during the autumn months.


    Summer growing lawns start to slow down as we move into Autumn.The lawns should br given their last fertilising for the season by mid - Autumn.
    Winter - growing grasses, will need feeding through the Autumn and winter months, although at reduced rates.Their main fertilising program starts in autumn and continues into mid - Spring.

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  • Spring

    As deciduous leaves begin to fall,lawns slow their growth, and you can look forward to longer breaks between mowing!



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